What is decentralization in terms of blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is introduced in the context of bitcoins and this is a technology that is used in the context of cryptocurrencies.  Blockchain technology is a very transparent, reliable and secure technology form all other technologies in the context of money or currency dealing. The decentralization method is one of the most authentic methods which makes it reliable, secure and transparent.  Decentralization refers to the shuffling of data instead of focusing at one point. Decentralization makes the data stored at different points so that it cannot be headed or controlled by a single hand. It has no central point to control, but everyone in the network owns the control. 

Idea of decentralization in blockchain technology 

You can hold the information, owns your block and you can own the charge of your money without any third-party control. You can send and manage your bitcoin or money on your own. Blockchain technology has decentralization so that’s why is more secure and reliable for money related transaction. It prevents from stealing and hacking of data. The decentralization method is the future of companies and organizational contexts. In blockchain technology, there is no central state and the whole system work like a supercomputer. 

Why decentralization is used in blockchain technology? 

There are certain reasons which make the system more accurate and secure in blockchain technology because of the decentralization method. These factors are: 

  1. Flawless technology with less technical errors
  2. Resilient to attacks 
  3. collusion resistant

 Flawless technology with less technical errors

Decentralization has great tolerance level which indicates fewer faults in the system. It relay on many specific or separate components of the system that is why it has fewer chances to face any fault in this technology. 

 Resilient to attacks 

Decentralization technology is resilient to attacks because there is no single control system or any managing authority. So that there is a very little chance of manipulation or stealing of data from blockchain technology. 

 collusion resistant

There is no collusion resistant because no one can hack or act in an illegal way. There are no illegal benefits for others who are controlling or taking chare of this technology. 


Decentralization is a secure, reliable and fast application process which increase the tolerance level and deal with outer attacks and provides an efficient and affordable database for storage of data. Businesses can grow in a faster way by using this technology. It provides there main promising services to its customers as: 

  1. Independent control: it provides a self-sovereign system that one can control, regulate and manage its data on his own without any third party interception. 
  2. Censorship resistant: it provides the security that one’s stuff cannot be shaken or tempered with an outer attack. 
  3. An open ecosystem: it provides an open system for everyone and value the new contributions. 


When people talk about blockchain technology actually they want to take the benefits of a single database with a high-security level. Logical decentralization system plays an important role in this context. It has zero probability of failure and accidental faults which makes the system smooth and secure. 

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