I'm John Henry. This is not my real name. I quit my job at [big tech company] in April of 2017 to pursue a vacuous concept called "decentralizing the web", which I am in the process of refining. This blog is a collection of attempts to explain the problem I have with the modern internet, pointers and retrospectives on valorous attempts to solve the problem, and a rallying cry for action.

If you have a problem with the Internet, I'm here to help.

The name comes from a line in a letter between Maynard James Keenan, famous British macroeconomist, and Dean Acheson, US secretary of state between 1949 and 1953, and key architect of the US-backed global finanical regime enshrined in the Bretton Woods accords. The excerpt from the letter, as reported by Acheson, is as follows:

But the word ["discrimination"] calls up, and must call up, [...] all the old lumber, most-favored-nation clause and the rest which was a notorious failure and made such a hash of the old world. We know also that won't work. It is the clutch of the dead, or at least the moribund, hand. If it was accepted it would be cover behind which all the unconstructive and truly reactionary people of both our countries would shelter. We must be free to work out new and better arrangements which will win in substance and not in shadow what the President and you and others really want. As I know you won't dispute this, we shall be able to work something out. Meanwhile forgive my vehemence which has deep causes in my hopes for the future. This is my subject. I know, or partly know, what I want. I know, and clearly know, what I fear.