Brief description of web decentralization

Decentralization is a pretty vague buzzword. Vitalik considered its meaning a year ago. In my estimation, it can mean a couple of things: Abstract principle when analyzing general power structures of any kind: "Political decentralization" means spreading political power among differing entities. "Market decentralization" refers to »

Decentralization Roundup for 2017

2017 has been a stressful year for many, but for those trying to fix the internet, it's been a delightfully hopeful one. Here's my update on how some of those contenders progressed in 2017. »

Digital Home

I walk into my home, and I feel a wave of comfort. I put my laptop bag down; it is there in the morning. I look at my clock; it is 9:17pm. I know where I am. I take my jacket off and place it on my coat rack. »

A Midnight Swim in Novakian Capitalism

The following is a completely unedited transcript, written from me to a good friend between 1am and 2am on December 5th, about a revalation I had reading the Wikipedia page for Michael Novak's 1982 book The spirit of Democratic Capitalism. This weaves together some thought trains about morality and economics »

When to not argue There's a lot of bad things to say about this article. Instead of talking about them, today we're going to focus on when to name-call your opponents instead of arguing with them. It opens with that timeless formula: Find a dumb example from the side »

Why Bitcoin/Blockchains Won't Work (in the USA), Part One

Bitcoin is officially over 9000! Happy internet meme day, everyone! In celebration of this great accomplishment, I will now explain to you in great detail how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency schemes are ultimately doomed to fail as replacements for our current financial and legal systems. »